The best month to visit Adelaide

I just recently got back from a 2 week visit to Adelaide, South Australia. And let me tell you it was literally the best month to visit Adelaide, MARCH! It was my 2nd visit and I finally met actual people on the streets. 😀 They even got a catchy name for it, Mad March. Like basically everything happens in March: Adelaide Fringe Festival where you can watch a range of entertainment shows from comedy to dance show, from amazing light show to food feast; Adelaide Festival which is basically the more expensive version of Adelaide Fringe Festival; WOMAD (World of Music Adelaide) which is the even more expensive version of Adelaide Fringe with musicians coming from around the world; also Super Car Race which I don’t really care about but this year they have Red Hot Chilli Pepper playing after the race so thats nice.

As a cheap bastard, I only visited the Adelaide Fringe Festival among all, but it was still worth it! Mostly because I enjoyed the vibe of the city as well, people really went out together, the city felt so much alive than any other month in the year, which I assume they spend at home recovering from the Mad March hangover. And the weather was nice as well! It was a bit hot when I first landed, 40 degrees celsius, but it wasn’t humid. Coming from a tropical country like Indonesia indeed made it easier for me to adjust in such weather, I heard everyone complained about the weather when I got to Adelaide. But people, if you ever been to Indonesia, eventho the weather is never been as extreme as 40 degree celsius, its mostly like 35ish, its very humid so its much harder to breathe, pollution doesn’t help either. However the weather got colder couple days after I got Adelaide, so even nicer, not too cold but not warm either, just perfect – mini dress and light jacket kinda weather.

I also got to do a bit of a wine tour, a must thing to do in Adelaide! This time I went to McLaren Vale, which famous with one of their many wineries thats almost too artsy to be a winery really, d’Arenberg, or more famously known as The Cube.


So I guess you get it now why its called “The Cube” from the 1st photo. And the 2nd photo is ……… the too-good-to-be-true toilet!! Like literally the most decorated toilet I’ve ever seen in my life and trust me I’ve been to a lot of public toilets! lol

As you can see March is also perfect for a wine tour because in addition to the wine tasting you can also see the orchard, unlike in winter where you can only see some dry branches of grape trees.

This trip is also marked as the trip where I discovered op shops, I’m obsessed with it now! This dress below I got from a Red Cross op shop for only AUD 10! My partner, Greg, had to work for one day during our trip to his hometown this time and God how I enjoy shopping without a guy waiting for me with his grumpy face continuously asking if I’m done. I went home with a big bag full of craps from various op shops that day, including some books I found in a pop-up bookshop.


Oh and we love love loveeeee to do brunch in Jakarta, so we went to some brunch places in Adelaide too. Argo is super recommended, probably one of the best in Adelaide, just beautiful beautiful food, super lovely vibe as well. I also can’t recommend enough to go check out a coffee shop stall in Rundle Mall called “That Coffee Guy”, amazing coffee and really friendly guy (pic can be seen below). Exchange Coffee Shop in east terrace is also a gem. 🙂



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