Freakonomics – Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner

This book is an absolute life hack! Read it and you’ll instantly sound 110% smarter in every conversation. 😀

This one I believe many of you already read. The-never-gets-old-so-called-noneconomics-yet-less-boring-than-regular-economics book. Every chapter of this book, Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt never failed to surprise me with their ideas.

From how they proved that the legalisation of abortion was the main factor in the US’s sudden crime drop in 1990 because it creates less unwanted children (This probably sounds like a stretch, but once you read their argument it will start to make sense a bit. I still think other factors were most likely also in play, this is perhaps because I personally still believe that abortion is morally wrong), to how they gave the answer on why anyone take a job as a drug dealer considering the risk they have to face and mininum wage for first starters, to how they showed us the perfect example of economics based parenting.

Then the most interesting chapter for me is (as dramatic as it sounds) “Would Roshanda by any other name smell as sweet?”, they analysed if its possible that names can cause people to lead different lives.

This book obviously has many controversial ideas that might be offending for some people, but its also thought-provoking and eye-opening. I’ve read all the series of Freakonomics so be prepared to read more about other shocking ideas from these brilliant authors. They also have a radio show with the same title that you can listen for free on Spotify. Plus a complete (again) life hack show titled “Tell Me Something I don’t Know”, that basically invites experts from various fields to tell us about something interesting they found that not many people are aware of. So if you’re going to a party or a date and want constantly sound smart and interesting through the night, make sure to check out that show! 🙂

This book is on sale! To keep this blog going and to support children’s literacy project in Indonesia, I’m selling the books I’ve read and reviewed. Stay tune on my instagram @lalalangit for further details 🙂


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