Sekar Langit

So my name is Sekar Langit. Or in Indonesian it literally means “the flower of sky”. Sound pretty dramatic, I know. But in my parents defence, its a metaphor for stars, things that shine light in the dark of the night sky. Now do I live up to that expectation yet? of course not! But lets say I’m on my way, baby steps. 😀

I am a Website Developer and an avid reader that like to share my thoughts to the world. There’s something liberating about writing what’s on your mind, maybe that’s why my therapist said that writing is good for our mental health.

I work from anywhere I want, mostly from coffee shops in Jakarta or as you know the cool term would be Digital Nomad. Currently I am working full time on my social project called Code for Good (, insta: to empower small and medium-sized enterprises in Indonesia by providing them with access to technology and training on digital literacy. Programming and social works have been my long time passion, so to finally have a platform that combines those two together feels almost unbelievable for me.

In terms of reading, I like to read non fiction books, more specifically books about people and psychology, so almost all self-help books fit the bill. I also like to read about politics and history these days, mostly because my partner has a background in International Relations and I want to impress him, lol. But I ended up really enjoy those topics too. Hmm what else? I don’t like fiction books unfortunately, because I’m quite a straightforward person and fiction books have a lot of parts that don’t necessarily need to be in there, just kind of to build up the emotion or something, it gets me really impatient.

So yeah, thats all about me. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook! and don’t forget to follow Code for Good’s account too!! 🙂