Or in my native language, Selamat Datang!

As you predicted, this blog will mostly talk about books. But reading is not my only hobby. I am actually a Website Developer, who blogs on WordPress (yes, sometimes a chef eats out too! and sometimes a Web Developer just doesn’t want to build a web from scratch for herself). I just recently quit my day job and got very lucky that I am able to be a full time location independent Web Developer while empowering Indonesian small and medium-sized enterprises through a platform called codeforgood.id (we have instagram too, so make sure to follow us!).

When I’m not coding or reading, I like to travel with my partner, Greg. So I’ll write a little bit about our travel too every now and then. I also like to rant about basically everything in life, so please be prepared to read some of it! 😀

Happy reading! Selamat membaca!